Wasanbontô – Rare Japanese Sugar

Wasanbontô Naturally refined Sugar. Produced in eastern Shikoku by cooking down Sugar Cane juice with an addition of Lime, letting it crystalize, pressed to remove molasses, kneaded with addition of water to remove more molasses, pressed and kneaded until deemed finished. This is then dried in a small block and sold broken up, mainly to… Continue reading Wasanbontô – Rare Japanese Sugar

Geese and War and Japanese Cooking

When Geese and War come up one usually thinks about Ancient Rome and the Geese warning the citizens about an imminent attack by sneaky Gaulish forces.But apparently the Japanese had their own, albeit very different Goose moment too.During the Boshin War, when the New Imperial Government had to fight the shogunate forces a battle was… Continue reading Geese and War and Japanese Cooking