Book Cover of the Culinary Encyclopedia of Japan Vol. 1 Ingredients by the Author Keita Wojciechowski

Winner of the 29th Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the Encyclopedia Category.

Understand how to Cook Japanese with:

The First Book of the Culinary Encyclopedia of Japan Series

After three years of research, 550 pages have been filled to the rim with Information on more than:

700 Plants, 130 Algae, 110 Fungi, 1300 Fishes & Seafoods, 30 Insects, 50 Birds and 60 Mammals and other Foods, Drinks & Seasonings.

All in relation to Regionality, Seasonality, History and Culture, from the Hokkaidô Ainu down to the former Ryûkyû Kingdom in Okinawa.

This Book DOES NOT CONTAIN RECIPES OR PICTURES but will give advice on the traditional use of the ingredients.

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