Main Index

The Main Index. These 72 pages will be the Reader’s best Friend. Bold Entries are English or Japanese Terms that are used in English as well. Bold Page Numbers point to the main article but the other articles should be read as well, as these can give more nuance to certain Terms.

Latin Index

This Index focusses on Scientific Latin, which can be used to identify all organisms in different Languages. This should make it easier for the Reader to find the right word in ones own Language.

Ainu Index

This Chapter is the Ainu Language Index, mostly of the Southern Hokkaidô dialects, as these have the most number of speakers left.

Irozuke 色付け Coloring

The last Chapter or this Book is about Colors used in Japanese Cooking, both the cultural background and use in Cooking.

Shokkan 食感 Texture

Texture is an important part of Japanese Cooking, with some of those being harder to handle for Western Palates than others.

Koku コク, Kokumi コク味 Richness

The Chapter on Kokumi, Richness is a very short one, as it still needs more scientific research to take place. In short, Kokumi is seen as an accelerator for Saltiness, Sweetness and Umami and cannot be tasted on its own.